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Herbal tea 

All our teas contain up to 25mg of hemp isolate per serving 


Hibiscus Berry

Immune Support

Contains hemp, hibiscus and a combination of super fruits

Aids in digestion

Helps with weight management 

Lower blood pressure 

Reduce blood sugar levels

Liver health

Tension Release

Calming Blend


Lemon Zing

Skin brightening detox

Contains hemp, lemon, ginger, tumeric, and cinnamon 

Anti inflammatory 

Anti viral

Anti bacterial

High in antioxidants 


Healthy Belly

Full Body Detox

Contains papaya, milk thistle, dandelion and other targeted herbs

Cleanses intestinal system

Reduces bloating 

Improves blood flow

Activates digestive system 

Contains peppermint, lavender, and licorice root 

Improve sleep

Nerve Calming 

Relieve stomach discomfort 

Soothe tension headache 


Deeper sleep

Soothing Remedy

Contains chamomile,  valerian root, peppermint and other targeted herbs

Ease insomnia 

Improve restlessness 

Anti inflammatory 

Fight infections 

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